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Parent Advisory Council

The PAC would like to welcome you to our school website.  We hope this site will greatly enhance communication between parents, teachers and staff.  We encourage you to explore the site, visit it often, and provide us with feedback so we can make it even better!   All parents are considered an integral part of our PAC and the following people are here to represent you, so please contact any of our members with your questions, concerns, or ideas about how we can enhance our children’s educational experiences at Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School. We look forward to hearing from you!


2023/2024 EGHE PAC EXEC & Committee

Chair – Tania Lymburner

Vice Chair - Dayle deBruijn

Treasurer – Nina Reeder

Secretary -  Sherry Staples

DPAC Reps –  Gina Frank & Anna Le Good

Fundraising Coordinator – Naieli Zabala

Hot Lunch Coordinators  - Julia Hildebrand, Alisa Smith & Tamsin Mills  

Inclusion Liaison - Dalia Shehata

General Members & Fundraising Committee – Jillian Barr, Sheryl Roberts, Annie MacDonald, Caylin Glazier, Carrie Winstanley, Jenna Green, Leah Hodges & Nicole Cermak

Grant Writer -  Sheryl Roberts

Social Media –  Sarah Ward



PAC Email:  [email protected]

Hot Lunch Email:  [email protected]

Hot Lunch Ordering: Login | MunchaLunch | School Lunch Ordering and Fundraising Online


Our PAC Meetings are held every month. This is a chance for you to get involved and be up to date on school events. 

2023-2024 PAC Meeting Minutes