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Student Code of Conduct


The Mission Statement for Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School states that it is our mission to enable each child to develop his/her potential through a caring school culture. It is our belief that in order to help children to reach their potential they must be provided with a safe, supportive environment.  Discipline is an essential component of a safe, caring school culture.

The School Board in its policy on student conduct, states that the school must be a place for orderly, purposeful high quality endeavours, within a pleasant, positive and supportive atmosphere of human interactions.   At Garibaldi Highlands, we expect that our students display:

Respect:  Students should show respect for themselves as well as people, property and the mission of the school.  They should respect the rights, responsibilities and privileges of themselves and other students, as well as the adults in the school.  All people at GHE have the right to an environment free from discrimination based on an individual’s or a group’s race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, age, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, dress, or other perceived differences (as outlined in the BC Human Rights Code).  This includes whether or not the abuse occurs in person, via cell phone, the internet, or any other wireless communication.

Responsibility:  Students should gradually assume more responsibility for themselves, (as individuals and as members of society) as they get older.  They should become responsible for undertaking, organizing and completing schoolwork and for meeting social obligations.

Quality:  Students should meet or exceed school standards for language, dress, attendance, and behaviour and strive for excellence in all their school endeavours.

Attitudes:  Students should display enthusiasm, diligence, and sportsmanship in all their school endeavours.  They are expected to be positive, to participate willingly in school activities and to undertake them in a co-operative spirit and a sense of justice and fair play.

It is recognized that the teaching and reinforcement of social responsibility and pro-social behaviours is more effective in establishing and maintaining high discipline standards than punishing students for inappropriate behaviour.

Consequences:  All students are different, therefore the outcomes of each breach of conduct is dealt with separately.  A variety of factors are considered when determining appropriate consequences including the severity and frequency of the unacceptable conduct.  In the event of a serious breach of conduct, it may be deemed necessary to advise other parties of the event.

At Garibaldi Highlands, the use of personal electronic devices such as cell phones and mobile devices is not permitted during school hours.  Students are permitted to use school devices such as laptops and iPads during school hours for educational purposes with the permission and supervision of a staff member.

Signs are displayed around the school stating our….

We care about ourselves. We care about others. We care about this place.