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Student Code of Conduct

EGHE Code of Conduct 

Mission Statement: 

École Garibaldi Highlands Elementary strives to enable each child to develop their potential through a caring school community that fosters a sense of belonging through connectedness and meaningful relationships. We believe that actively implementing the EGHE school values will help each student reach their potential. These values create the foundation of our school community and encourage students, staff and families to uphold our safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment.


Schools are to be places where students, staff, and parents are free from harm, where clear expectations of behaviour are held and met, and where all members feel they belong. We have a responsibility to create safe physical and social-emotional learning environments.  All people at EGHE have the right to an environment free from discrimination based on, percieved or otherwise, an individual’s or a group’s race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, age, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, dress, other perceived differences or for any other reason as outlined in the BC Human Rights Code.  This includes in person, via cell phone, the internet, or any other wireless communication.


At Garibaldi Highlands, the following values were identified through a collaborative process involving students from K-6, staff and families, as being central to our community.  We expect that students display the following:



Show respect for people, property, and the school’s code of conduct. They are expected to act in a responsible manner and be respectful of the rights of others at school and school activities wherever held.  


Having a positive attitude towards the EGHE community and activities that take place at school and finding joy in learning activities.


All students have a right to be safe and feel safe in their school community and a responsibility to ensure others feel safe as well.


All learners belong at EGHE and diversity is a strength.


Being thankful and ready to show appreciation to others creates a welcoming and positive environment ready for learning.


Being friendly, generous and considerate to others.


Creating trust and support between students builds lasting relationships.


Giving back to the school community by volunteering time or helping others.


A feeling of belonging where every child matters.


Focusing on the moment and calmly acknowledging one’s own self and feelings.


It is recognized that the teaching and reinforcement of personal accountability, social responsibility and pro-social behaviours is more effective in establishing and maintaining high discipline standards than punishing students for inappropriate behaviour.


Our safe and caring school environment is free from acts that:

  • Interfere with the learning of others, including their emotional well-being
  • Interfere with an orderly environment
  • Create unsafe conditions

Acts, such as:

  • Bullying, harassment or intimidation
  • Physical violence
  • Retribution against a person who has reported incidents
  • Theft of or damage to property

Or misuse of:

  • Cyberspace/cell phones/electronic devices/computers
  • Students are to be aware that they may be subject to discipline (or, if applicable, lose the privilege of using technology) for misuse of technology if it negatively impacts the school environment

At École Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School, the use of personal electronic devices such as cell phones and mobile devices is not permitted during school hours.  Students are permitted to use school devices such as laptops and iPads during school hours for educational purposes with the permission and supervision of a staff member.



All students are different, therefore the outcomes of each breach of conduct is dealt with separately.  A variety of factors are considered when determining appropriate consequences including the severity and frequency of the conduct.  Consequences are appropriate and are restorative rather than punitive, and are progressive in nature, taking into consideration the age and maturity level of each student.  In the event of a serious breach of conduct, it may be deemed necessary to advise other parties of the event.


Dress Code:

It is expected that students, staff and parents are to support a learning environment where attire is appropriate, and not offensive to others. Clothing worn to school should be appropriate for the weather, allow freedom of movement, images and writing on clothing should be respectful and should not display any negative or inappropriate messages.

Note: It is expected that students who choose to bring personal belongings to school understand that the school staff are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.


(June 2021)