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Assesment Evidence

  • What information will convince you that your school’s chosen instructional strategies to improve learning as a foundation and learning as a process are working?
  • How will you triangulate this collection of evidence to check for understanding? (Provincial? District? School? Classroom?)
  • How will you disaggregate important pieces to track information more deeply and for specific groups?
  • What information are teachers using to inform their instruction?

We will continue to use the Classroom Mapping process as a way to identify emerging needs in particular classes and trends within the whole school. Because we have committed to continuing with this process twice a year we have built a structure that keeps our school accountable to the recommendations made by our school team (classroom teacher, LST and admin). By tracking classroom strategies and other Tier 1 interventions we are able to see what is working and what areas need more interventions or different strategies. As needs change throughout the year, we are able to identify emerging needs and adapt our support in a timely manner.

An increase in student engagement in buddy activities and leadership as well as school clubs and activities would convince us that we are providing opportunities for our students to connect. If students are able to contribute to the school community through developing, contributing to and joining clubs this will provide additional ways of connecting with others.

Engagement in real world projects providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways will also be an indicator that we are achieving higher levels of voice and choice. As our collection of data attached to engagement and the core competencies increases, we will triangulate those pieces with other snapshots of academic achievement (Report Card data, FSA and Our School Survey) to provide us with a holistic picture of our school and how we are doing as we work to reach our goal. Our school will also continue to use other tools like self-assessment of the competencies, criteria for success, goal setting and reflection, the MAP, various reading assessments, school wide writes, etc to inform practice and adapt to the needs of our students.

We also have seven of our teachers participating in the CSL Pilot project this year.