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Theory of Action

If we create a safe learning community where students have voice and choice then students will feel more connected and strengthen their relationships with all members of the GHE learning community, leading to deeper engagement in their learning.
Process for determining our goal
This will be the second year we have focused on connectedness in our school. Evidence from the MDI, OurSCHOOL and Student Learning Survey show us that safety, belonging and connectedness continue to be areas in need of support and development. Through engagement with our parents, safety and connectedness was also targeted in the Spring and Fall of 2019. We also wonder how early indicators of vulnerability both academically and socially/emotionally impact learning and connectedness in the Intermediate grades. Although not specifically detailed in the theory of action, we plan to approach safety, belonging and connectedness through an Indigenous lens  by focusing on the First Peoples’ Principles of learning. We have data to support this need in our School Learning Survey.